Season 01, Episode 13: Micah Lapidus – Strumming Jewish thoughts at the Davis Academy

micah 2

This week I catch up with my good friend Rabbi Micah Lapidus.  Micah is the Director of Jewish and Hebrew Studies at The Alfred and Adele Davis Academy, Atlanta’s Reform Jewish Day School. Micah also serves as the president of PARDES: Day Schools of Reform Judaism. Micah blogs at, a website dedicated to Jewish education and Jewish thought, and is a songwriter and composer. He has three albums: Be a Blessing (2013), A Palace in Time (2015), and Eit HaZamir (2016).

We talk day schools, Jewish music, and how he decides what we should teach our kids.

Check out Micah’s blogs:

Intro Music – What is My Lifespan, Noah Aronson, Someday, Michelle Citrin

Outro Music – Holy Ground, Micah Lapidus

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