Season 01, Episode 21: Josh Bolton – Art, Music, and the Journey Penn Hillel

This week I catch of up with Rabbi Josh Bolton, Senior Jewish Educator at Penn Hillel.  Rabbi Josh is trying to answer this question: How do we live a good and meaningful life in this fast paced, high stress, success oriented world? (And what does “success” even mean, really?) While he hasn’t resolved the questions yet, he’s pretty sure that many of the answers he’s seeking are to be found in the ancient traditions and wisdom of Judaism. Josh is a graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, and he has degrees from U. Maryland and UMass, Amherst. A native of northern Virginia, he lives in Philly with his wife, Natalie, and his sons, Oren and Boaz.

Episode Notes

Intro Music – What is My Lifespan/Noah Aronson – Someday/Michelle Citrin

Outro Music – Stax Jam/Galactic


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