Season 01, Episode 04: Three Rabbis Walk into a Bar – Taking Jewish Comedy Seriously

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This week I meet up with Rabbis Molly Kane, David Segal, and Matt Soffer.  They recently formed the comedy trio “Three Rabbis Walk Into a Bar.” I chat with them about their show, their unique new take on Jewish humor, and what jokes you can and can’t say as a rabbi.

Rabbi Molly Kane is a rabbi at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue in Brooklyn, NY.  She is also a comedic writer known for her comedic songs and comedy routines.  You can check out her website –

Rabbi David Segal is a rabbi at Aspen Jewish Congregation, in Aspen, CO.  He also writes a Torah commentary for the URJ’s Ten Minutes of Torah and a monthly column for the Aspen Times.

Rabbi Matt Soffer is a rabbi at Temple Israel in Boston, MA.  He is also the host and moderator of “Pulpit on the Common” podcast.  Each episode of Pulpit on the Common focuses our conversation towards the intersection of faith and public life, based  in the birthplace of American Freedom, Boston, Massachusetts.

Episode notes:

Intro Music: Im Ein Ani Li, Ross M. Levy

Outro Music: Somebody Make Me Laugh, David Broza


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